Coping with Covid-19: Tips for Hosting a Virtual Family Reunion

Social distancing and shelter in place orders means our bonds with each other are being tested like never before. To combat isolation and to reassert our connections, my family and I recently held a 2020 Virtual Family Reunion. Simply stated, our time together was amazing. If you are considering hosting a Virtual Family Reunion, I have compiled a few tips that I learned from organizing ours.

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Covid-19 is gripping the world. So why are we hoarding toilet paper?

Bleach and cleaning supplies are emptied out - along with toilet paper.
Bleach and cleaning supplies are emptied out – along with toilet paper.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. I get that. Our normal activities and movements are being affected and even restricted. I get that, too. What I don’t quite get is why are we buying crates upon crates of toilet paper and bottled water in response to a virus outbreak? Not surprisingly, I do have an opinion.

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Read Before You Fly: Five Things Every New Drone Pilot Should Consider

From drone racing to aerial photography, remote control (RC) flying is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States. According to The Flight Safety Foundation, one million drones (878,000 operated by hobbyists and 122,000 used for commercial and government use) have been registered with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you are one of the lucky people that owns a drone and if you want to get the most out of your flights, it is very important you consider a few important points as you start flying.

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Uncovering the Legacy of The Carrie Steele-Pitts Home

Historic Oakland Cemetery

Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia is the final resting spot for many notable Georgia residents. Founded in 1850, this hallowed place is literally filled with history. Recently, my wife and I attended an event at Oakland Cemetery called Tunes from the Tombs, and as we walked around, we happened upon three monuments in Oakland’s African American Grounds  that piqued our interest. Looking at the headstones, my wife and I figured these three people may have been somehow related, but initially, we were not sure how.

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User Experience for GDPR Compliant Website Consent

User Experience and GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the world marked another historical internet milestone as the European Union (EU) launched a sweeping set of data privacy laws known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR gives consumers protections and rights for how their personal data is collected and used, and it comes with serious penalties for businesses that violate those rights. GDPR is not just limited to businesses operating within the EU. Any company that reaches customers in the EU is subject to these laws – which means almost all e-commerce businesses and services will need to be GDPR compliant now that the laws are in effect. In this post we will cover providing informed website consent which is one the of most visible user experience aspects of GDPR. Continue reading “User Experience for GDPR Compliant Website Consent”

DIY Artificial Intelligence: Google Voice Kit Hardware Build

Google Voice Kit AIY
Photo credit: Google Developers Blog

I am unapologetically obsessed with smart home devices. Right now, my home’s ecosystem contains Amazon Echoes, Phillips Hue Lights, August Locks, Ecobee Thermostats and a Riley robot. I also have integrated home security and monitoring along with some custom data collection applications.  I have found a lot of room for customization with my smart home products, but until now I have never been able to build my own hardware and software components from scratch. I am still experimenting, but the Google Voice Kit that I recently stumbled upon maybe a game changer for me.  Continue reading “DIY Artificial Intelligence: Google Voice Kit Hardware Build”

The UX of Louis Vuitton Paris

Louis Vuitton Maison Champs Élysées

My wife and I recently got to visit the Champs Élysées and the Montaigne Louis Vuitton stores in Paris. Both of us are fans of the LV brand, so this was a trip we looked forward to for months. We did a good bit of research to prepare for our trip. My wife went in knowing what kind of items she wanted, and I went in being forewarned by travel reviews about the long lines to get in the stores, the pushy shoppers jostling for position, and the condescending Client Advisors who act like they are doing you a favor by helping you complete a sale. What I happily found was none of my preconceived notions turned out to be true. Continue reading “The UX of Louis Vuitton Paris”

Correlating Crime Data with Full Moons

Full moons are steeped in legends and traditions.
Full moons are steeped in legends and traditions.

There was a point in medical history when doctors and health professionals almost universally believed in a strong connection between human psychology and moon phases. Full moons have been associated with anomalies like  sleepwalking, mania, and even illegal activity. The term lunar effect refers to the relationship between the moon’s cycle and our behavior. I wanted to explore whether the lunar effect has any merit when its pertains to crime,  so I downloaded the last 33 months of crime data from the Atlanta Police Department (APD) to see if I could find a data correlation between full moons and reported crimes. Continue reading “Correlating Crime Data with Full Moons”

The Internet Never Forgets

The Internet, like elephants, never forget.
The Internet, like elephants, never forget.

I care about you my dear readers, so here is some free Digital Marketing advice: always be very mindful what you post online because the internet never forgets. You can delete a post that you wish you’d never written, but you can never undo the impression that you make on the people that read it. You can also never get rid of the screenshots people will take of your ill advised rant. Continue reading “The Internet Never Forgets”