Urban Aerial Photography

Uncommon Views of Familiar Places.

Do you ever wonder what the city sites you see everyday look like from the air rather than the ground? Drone based aerial photography looks at the world from a totally new angle.

Take the image below for a spin around a street in the Poncey Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.


My Aerial Show Reel

There is a lot of conflicting information about drones, and where they can be flown – so its always a challenge to fly in the city. In spite of (or maybe because of) the challenges, my Aerial Show Reel is below. For more of my videos, check out my You Tube Channel.



My Photogallery

Whether its panoramas, virtual reality, night-time, or cinematic shots – I am always experimenting with the limits of drone photography. Checkout my Aerial Photography Facebook Page to see what my drone has been up to lately.

My Instagrams

Instagram helps me share some of my favorite drone shots with the world. Follow me on Instagram and while you are there, check out the extremely popular #dronestagram hashtag.