Quilting and Me

Quilts by Big Wes

Whenever I tell people about my love for quilting, I always wait for the look of confusion to come over their faces as I prepare myself for the inevitable question: “what made you want to make quilts (of all things)?”. The truth is when I think back, there is no one thing that got me into quilting.

Maybe the quilting seed got planted from the days I would skip school and hide out at my neighbor’s house. Miss Green was in her eighties – or maybe nineties – yet she took care of me and her special needs granddaughter. I would show up at her house most mornings instead of going to school (which I hated), and I would watch her quilt between the errands and odd jobs she would give me. She never once asked why I wasn’t in school. Maybe she never went herself. All I know is I preferred her house to anything about going to school.

Or maybe my interest in quilting came from a book I stumbled on many years ago. I found the premise of “Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad” fascinating, and after reading this book, I wanted to recreate some of the symbols that this book presented. It would be a long time before I actually tried making a quilt. There have been a lot more books written on this subject over the years – including some really good children’s books. And even though I would consider myself somewhat of an authority on Underground Railroad Quilts, there is so much in quilting to learn and see and do, I have not made an Underground Railroad quilt yet. Rest assured; I have not abandoned the idea.

Peachtree Roadrace - Quilts by Big Wes

So even though there is not one thing I can point to that explains why I started quilting, there is no doubt that quilting is a labor of love that I am proud to share. I create quilts of all kinds – from modern styles to traditional blocks – and I sell both original and commissioned works. Some of my quilts are offered at auction on eBay while commissioned quilts are created with personal touches that reflect the person I am making the quilt for.

Creating your memory quilt starts with a consultation where we discuss how we can best preserve your memories. Book a time that works for you and let’s talk!