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I can teach you how to take your drone flying to new heights!

Recreational Droners

Even though today’s drones are more advanced and safer than ever, responsible drone owners still need to know how to handle emergency situations and how to get the most from their drone investment.

I am an FAA Certified Part 107 pilot and I am pleased to offer drone pilot instruction courses designed to help you have safer and more enjoyable flight experiences.

Commercial Droners

Drones are an exciting new frontier for businesses. Whether you are a realtor, insurance adjuster, videographer or land surveyor, you need to start your business by flying legally with an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.

I have created a detailed and precise Part 107 testing courses that will help you with the FAA application procedure and exam process. I also provide expert drone based business consultations that can help get your company off the ground and take it to new heights!

Course Listings

Drone Pilot Intro Training

2 hours / $35.
Recommended for drone pilots with less than 100 hours of flight time.

Flying a drone comes with responsibilities much like driving a car. Understanding when, where, and how to fly your drone will help you get the most out of your flights and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Whether you plan to fly for fun or profit, Drone Pilot Intro Training is an introductory course designed to give you a set of tools to help you fly safely and productively.

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Part 107 Test Prep

6 hours / $110.
Recommended for pilots with intermediate to advanced flight skills.

If you are flying drones commercially (for your business or someone else’s), the FAA requires you to hold a Part 107 License. The Part 107 exam is a 60 question multiple choice test administered at a authorized testing center.

Course Schedule

Starting a Drone Business

3 hours / $50.
Recommended for entrepreneurs regardless of pilot experience.

Drones have an increasingly wide array of business applications. Whether you want to add drones to your existing business or make drone the focus of your operations, this course will help you develop the framework to establish, promote, and run your drone based business.

Course Schedule

Drone Pilot Coaching and Business Consulting

$20. per hour
Recommended for current or future pilots of all levels.

Pilot Coaching and Business Consulting services are available to my elite clientele that prefer private access for one-on-one drone flight training or drone based business development. Private Coaching Programs are custom tailored to your personal skill level or business needs.

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About Your Instructor

Wesley Hall

I have been flying drones / quadcopters since 2010. My first serious aircraft was a Traxxas Aton with a Go Pro camera mount. Over the years, I have flown a variety of drone sizes and models. These days, I fly DJI products almost exclusively. My repertoire includes a Phantom 4 Pro, a Mavic 2 Pro, and a little Spark just for fun.

I have been an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot since 2015, and I am an experienced instructor and business consultant. In addition to teaching classroom, web based, and private drone courses; I conduct professional cohorts in digital analytics and digital marketing.

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