Minecraft Kid Size Quilt

Minecraft’s pixelated characters made perfect subjects for this Minecraft Kid Size Quilt. In this quilt, Minecraft’s main hero Steve is joined by game characters like a pig, a cow, an endermen, and a ghost. The border and the backing of this quilt are made from Minecraft print fabrics.

Quilts by Big Wes presents: Minecraft Quilt
Quilts by Big Wes presents: Minecraft Quilt

Minecraft is a computer game in which players exist in a virtual world gathering the tools they need for building and combat. It was first made public in 2009, and today it is arguably the world’s most popular game.

With all of the high definition games on the market, it is quite surprising that Minecraft’s 8 bit graphic style has proven so popular. Perhaps the deceiving simplicity of the game is one of the reasons Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm.

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