Eight Point Star Wallhanging

This Eight Point Star Wallhanging mixes African print themes with a quilting pattern that feels like Urbano Carioca music. The inner border is made from traditional mudcloth and the binding is made from a classic bandana print. Mudcloth and bandanas have a long history, so I thought it would be fitting to combine the past and present in this project.

Quilts by Big Wes presents: Eight Point Star Wallhanging.
Quilts by Big Wes presents: Eight Point Star Wallhanging

The art of creating African Mali Mudcloth dates back over a thousand years, and its original patterns were used to tell stories or convey status. Thula Tula published a very nice blog post about mudcloth that you can read here.

Bandana prints have been used by all kinds of groups and subcultures throughout history. Check out Nicole and Connor Humphreys’ BANDITS website. They are self described “bandana enthusiasts”. 

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