About Harvey, Irma, and Bottled Water

Hurricane Irma September 9, 2017
Hurricane Irma September 9, 2017. Credit: USA Today

I have lived in the Deep South most of my life, and I know first hand how when reports of impending bad weather start, people invade the grocery stores.  It was no surprise then that in late August and early September, the threat of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused widespread panic throughout the southern half of the United States. I have no idea why, but convention has always dictated that we buy eggs, milk and bread before a storm. Seriously.  For a long as I can remember, bad weather coming meant that we needed to go out and buy the ingredients for French toast. Continue reading “About Harvey, Irma, and Bottled Water”

Please Call Me About Your Email

Do you remember land lines?
Do you remember land lines?

I was working as usual today – answering client questions, brainstorming with colleagues – all the usual stuff.  And as usual, I sent a couple of emails asking people if it would be okay for me to call them about some issues we were facing.  As I hit “send” on one such email, I thought about how the etiquette behind the way we communicate has changed over the years. Continue reading “Please Call Me About Your Email”