Care Bear Receiving Quilt

This Care Bear Receiving Quilt was made to welcome a good friend’s baby girl into the world. Receiving quilts / blankets are often used in hospitals, birthing centers, and homes to wrap newborns shortly after birth. Swaddling with receiving quilts involves wrapping the baby snugly in the cloth to mimic the feeling of being in the womb, which can help soothe the baby and promote sleep.

Quilts by Big Wes presents: Care Bear Receiving Quilt
Quilts by Big Wes presents: Care Bear Receiving Quilt
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Winnie-the-Pooh Baby Quilt

This Winnie-the-Pooh Baby Quilt went to some friends in Canada to celebrate their new baby. It gets very cold where they live so I wanted to send some warm colors that were also soft and playful. This quilt uses a mosaic pattern of triangles and squares with a Winnie pattern fabric in the center of each block. The binding was made from a batik fabric I got from a local quilt show.

Quilts by Big Wes presents: Winnie The Poo Baby Quilt
Quilts by Big Wes presents: Winnie-the-Poo Baby Quilt
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Minecraft Kid Size Quilt

Minecraft’s pixelated characters made perfect subjects for this Minecraft Kid Size Quilt. In this quilt, Minecraft’s main hero Steve is joined by game characters like a pig, a cow, an endermen, and a ghost. The border and the backing of this quilt are made from Minecraft print fabrics.

Quilts by Big Wes presents: Minecraft Quilt
Quilts by Big Wes presents: Minecraft Quilt

Minecraft is a computer game in which players exist in a virtual world gathering the tools they need for building and combat. It was first made public in 2009, and today it is arguably the world’s most popular game.

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