My Bucket List

I update My Bucket List as new things occur to me and whenever I complete a mission.

Give a TED Talk
TED Talks are short, semi-formal presentations covering a variety of topics. One day I want to deliver my own TED Talk about sociocultural evolution.

Learn to tie a Monkey’s Paw
I have been fascinated with knots since I was a child. When I decided I would learn to tie a Monkey’s Paw knot, I started small and worked my way to bigger ones.

Be interviewed
Even though I hate listening to my own voice, I have always wanted to be an interviewee. Because of my story with Nottingham Forest, I got to appear in Four Four Two Magazine, this article from The Nottingham Post, this article from The BBC, and this interview from the BBC.

Attend a Nottingham Forest match
Getting to visit Nottingham, and attending a match a City Ground is truly one of the highlights of my life. People I met online, the city and the club treated us far better than anything I could have ever dreamed of. The club captured the story and ESPN even ran an article. I wrote a thank you letter to everyone to try and express my gratitude.

Live abroad for a year
There is a huge difference in the tourist and the living experience of a city. I want to experience England from a resident point of view. One day I hope to live and work in England – if not permanently, then at least for a year or two.

Get good with a footbag
Call them hackey sacks for footbags, I have a couple of Dragonfly Footbags that I am trying to get good enough at to knock around with a few people.

Attend a concert from backstage
I am a huge music enthusiast, and I am fascinated by people who have exceptional music talents. One day I want to be backstage and watch a musical artist at work.

Win a contest
After (or because of) blowing up our stove while trying to over-saturate a rum cake using Bacardi 151, I won the Hardee’s Kitchen Disasters Contest.

Learn to juggle
Three balls, a few YouTube videos, a lot of dropped balls – and I’m juggling!

Publish my genealogy study
My Family Roots page is now part of my site.

Take an RV trip
One weekend, we sporadically decided to rent an RV and drive to Memphis to surprise my mom with a visit. The overall trip was great, but I did not realize how much work goes into RV-ing.